Christmas Offering

We have an opportunity to give an offering that says “Happy Birthday, Jesus!”   We will be taking up an offering to purchase Bibles for distribution and also for Timothy Koon and family, our missionaries to Australia.  Here is an excerpt from their last prayer letter:

“In our last letter, Tim had mentioned that he had been very sick.  The Doctor told us that he would need to recuperate for 6 months.  We decided then that we needed to return to the US for a medical furlough.  We did so and arrived in the US in July.  We had been back for just about 3 weeks, and the day after our 25th wedding anniversary on August 7, Tim had a brain stem stroke.  That was on August 8.  We didn’t realize at the time that it was a stroke because it mimicked the same symptoms of medicine related issues and the prolonged side effects of the earlier sickness in Australia. He was rushed to the hospital, paralyzed on his right side.  After CT and MRI scans, it was determined that he had suffered a stroke on the left side at the base of the brain stem.  Tim spent almost 4 weeks in the hospital and at the time of this letter, he is now home recovering.  He has out patient therapy 4 times each week.  Although still paralyzed on his right side, he is making slow progress and is now able to walk short distances in a walker each day. Many people have asked if there is anything they can do to help.  Right now we need prayer.  The Doctor has said that it will take a long time to recover but to expect 80-100% recovery.  There are times when we have both felt over whelmed but we know God is in control.”

Offering will be taken up during the Morning Worship Service at 11:00am.


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