CONTINUE Discipleship is for anyone who wishes to deepen their relationship with Christ and expand their knowledge of the Bible.  This discipleship program will take you through the Bible topic-by-topic and teach you verse-by-verse.

How do you join? 

Simply talk to our Pastor about your desire to join CONTINUE Discipleship and he will pair you up with another Christian who will walk you through lesson-by-lesson. There are 14 sessions in the workbook. They are as follows:

1 The Word of God Learn about the Book that will be your guide through your entire Christian life.

2 Knowing God God does not expect us to just figure out for ourselves who He is.  He has specifically revealed Himself to us. Learn about who God is and how we deepen our relationship with Him.

3 Who Is Jesus? Jesus is indeed God and is revealed all throughout Scripture. Learn more about who Jesus is, how we know it, and what that means for us.

4 Your Salvation Sometimes after a person trusts Christ as Savior, they begin to worry that maybe something they do wrong will make them lose the promise of eternal life. We will look at some questions you may have about your salvation. For instance, can you lose your salvation? What if you don’t feel saved? and is there anything you should do now that you are saved?

5 Developing a Prayer Life For the child of God, prayer is an invitation to the very throne room of Heaven. We’ll look at some of the basic truths regarding how to pray, what to pray for, and how to keep our prayer life strong.

6 Your Relationship with God’s Word The Bible is profitable for your life.  The Bible has the answers to guide us in every area of life. God’s Word is not only true; it is life changing.  It can meet the deepest needs of your life and answer the greatest questions of your heart.

7 The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit is God – He is part of the Trinity.  The Holy Spirit indwells our hearts the moment we trust Christ as our Savior.  From that point on, He begins ministering to our hearts in tender and significant ways.

8  The Life of a Disciple Full surrender to God is the beginning point of true discipleship. Look at what the life of a disciples looks like.  Being a true disciple is a process of surrendering daily, battling sin in our lives, and living a lifestyle that is pleasing to God.

9 The Local Church The church is precious. Christ loved the church so much that He gave Himself for it. Find out the importance of the church, what the church actually is, and how God uses the church in our lives.

10 Your Place in Your Church Family Find out how you can be involved in the work of your church, the spiritual gifts God has given you to enable you for this work, and the relationships you have with others in your church family.

11 Financial Stewardship Regardless of whether we have a lot or a little, our financial decisions impact our lives every day.  God’s Word has much to say in the area of finances – and especially about God’s provision for His children.

12 Go and Tell the Good News God used someone to bring the message of the Gospel to you, and now it is your privilege to bring it to others.  Discover God’s plan for getting this message to the entire world, your part in that plan, and how the Holy Spirit empowers you for the job.

13 Living in Light of Eternity Some of the most encouraging truths for a believer relate to the realities of eternity.  The glorious truth is that the difficulties and burdens of this life won’t last forever.  We will spend eternity in the immediate presence of God.

14 Continue See the importance of not just beginning but finishing  your Christian life with faithfulness.