CONTINUE Discipleship

CONTINUE Discipleship

CONTINUE Discipleship is for anyone who wishes to deepen their relationship with Christ and expand their knowledge of the Bible.  This discipleship program will take you through the Bible topic-by-topic and teach you verse-by-verse.

How do you join? 

Simply talk to our Pastor about your desire to join CONTINUE Discipleship and he will pair you up with another Christian who will walk you through lesson-by-lesson. There are 14 sessions in the workbook. They are as follows:

A (Assurance of Salvation)     What is meant by “Assurance”?  How can I know I’m saved? Why do some genuine believers doubt their salvation?  What happens if I sin? Can I ever lose my salvation? 

B (Baptism)  What is Baptism? Does Baptism accomplish salvation?  Why should I be baptized? 

C (Church)  The Church is a New Testament institution. My part in the church. 

D (Daily Walk)  The vital requirements of a good daily walk with God. How Should I walk with God? 

E (Eternal Word of God)  What is the Bible?  Do we have the Bible today? What should we do with the Bible? 

F (Family)    The Husband’s duty to his Wife.  The Wife’s duty to her Husband.  The Parent’s duty to their Children.  Children’s duty to their Parents. 

G (God)    Who Made God? How do we know there is a God? How many Gods are there?  What is God? What is God like?  What is God called? 

H (Holy Spirit)    Who is the Holy Spirit? What is the relationship between the Holy Spirit and the believer?  What about ‘Speaking in Tongues’? 

I (Invisible Warfare)    Does Satan exist?  Where is Satan now? How do I deal with the Devil? 

J (Jesus Christ)    Jesus Christ is God.  The death of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Resurrection, the Ascension, the Return of Jesus Christ.  

K (Kinship)    What is church perpetuity?  The perpetuity of Baptist churches.  Why are we a Baptist Church? 

L (Lord’s Supper)    What is the Lord’s Supper?  What does the Bible say about the Roman Catholic Mass?

M (Money)    Principles of Stewardship.  What about an offering?  

N (Necessary Food)    What does the Bible say about memorization  How to memorize Scripture.  

O (Obedience)    Obedience defined.  God’s Attitude regarding Disobedience.  My Obedience. 

P (Prayer)    What is Prayer?  Why should I Pray?  How do I Pray?  Will my prayers always be answered? 

Q (Questions Often Asked)    What happens to infants and little children that die young?  If abortion right or wrong?  Is Homosexuality a trait of birth or a sinful perversion?  

R (Reaching the World For Christ)    God’s Plan for Missions.  God’s Challenge of Missions.  What about those who have never heard.

S (Separation)    Exactly what is meant by “separation”?  How do I take the question out of the questionable? 

T (Trumpet Call of God)    The promise of Christ’s coming.  The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is in two stages. 

U (Understanding God’s Will)    Why do we need God’s guidance?  How to miss God’s will.  When God is silent.  

V  (Victory)    The choice of a victorious life.  The path to victorious living.  But what if I fail? 

W  (Witnessing)    What does witnessing mean?  Why should I witness and win souls?  I want to witness, but where do I start? 

X  (X-Rated for Christians)    Drinking Alcohol.  Hard work instead of gambling.  Selective with choice of music.  

Y  (Your Pain and Suffering)    Misunderstandings about suffering.  Benefits of suffering.  How to help hurting people.

Z  (Zion)    What is Hell?  Where did Hell come from?  What is Heaven?  Where did Heaven come from? What will we do in Heaven?